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About Us

Why write a blog about Crocker Highlands?
Because our family is growing roots here. Because this is home.

We like to see and get to know the homes of these familiar hills just as we enjoy visiting and supporting our local neighborhood businesses. We run our very own small business in the neighborhood just one mile away from our home.

Join us as we uncover and discover homes around the corner and down the block. See our charts and graphs that reveal the housing market and it’s behaviors. Check out the open houses, pendings and solds. Join us, in Crocker Highlands, where we discover and rediscover the neighborhood, inside and out.

Who we are:
Cameron Platt
Cameron is a native of Alameda who has called Oakland home since 1998.  He has lived in Rockridge, Laurel, Jack London Square, and Crocker Highlands.  Cameron is a “recovering” attorney who now runs Platt Inc. Real Estate, a boutique real estate brokerage in Oakland’s Grand Lake neighborhood.  He and his wife Nicole are raising a daughter who already has way more Oaklandish gear than necessary.

Nicole Platt
Nicole hails from Los Angeles, but don’t hold that against her.  She moved to Berkeley to attend Cal, and finally settled into Oakland life in 2007.  Nicole joined Platt Inc. Real Estate as Director of Marketing & Operations; she’s a full-time mom and real estate agent as well.



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